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Plant Machinery Hire

We have a full range of Plant Machinery Hire available to you. Please see below for further information. Contact us for a competitive quotation.


  1. Out front flail mower (1.6M width)Plant Machinery Hire
  2. Out front rotary mower (2.2M)
  3. Ride on three-gang cylinder mower
  4. Ride on five-gang cylinder mower
  5. Tractor mounted roller mower (5.4M)
  6. Assortment of zero turn and pedestrian mowers
  7. Flail mower / collector (1.5M)
  8. Rotary Collector (1.2M)

Hedge Cutting:

  1. Tractor mounted flail hedge cutter (5.3M reach)
  2. Compact tractor mounted flail hedge cutter (3.2M reach)
  3. Compact tractor mounted cutter bar hedge cutter (3.2M reach)

Tree Work:

  1. Tracked wood chipper
  2. 6.5 Tonne truck with chip box
  3. 4.5 tonne excavator with grapple / mulcher head / land rake / tree shear
  4. Stump grinder


  1. Tractor mounted post knocker (330kg hammer)
  2. Tractor mounted posthole borer (3″, 9″, 12″ & 24″ augers)
  3. Tractor mounted rotavator (1.6M)
  4. Tractor mounted grass harrow (1.8M)
  5. Tractor mounted land leveller (1.8M)
  6. Valtra N103 reverse drive tractor
  7. 4.5 tonne excavator (Selection of buckets)
  8. 40hp compact tractors x 2 (One with loader) grass tyres
  9. Pesticide application, PA1, PA2 & PA6 qualifications